So, at this point it’s pretty clear that I have a lipstick obsession. Lipstick was the first makeup product that I switched to clean, because I had read about how harmful it was and it was fairly easy to find clean replacements. At first, I was using Burt’s Bee’s, which is fine, but once I found 100% Pure, I became absolutely OBSESSED!

I love 100% Pure lipstick because it’s non-toxic, has vibrant colors, lasts all day and comes in matte. I’m super excited because they just released some new shades, and of course I had to buy some – I now have TONS of lipstick. 😀

This shade I am wearing is a deep caramel color – perfect for the transition from winter to spring!

My Nude Look:


The Complete Look: 

  • The lipstick I am wearing is the cocoa butter matte lipstick and the shade is Mojave
  • The eyeshadow is from the Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette and the colors are Gilded, Cashmere, Soft Peach, and Eggshell (for the pictures I have the pink shirt) and Pink Champagne, Cherry Blossom and Eggshell (for the pictures I have the black jacket). 
  • The eyeliner is the Creamy Long Last Liner and the shade is Blackest
  • The mascara I am wearing is the Volumizing Mascara
  • The concealer I use for my dark circles is the 2nd Skin Concealer

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