Chocolate Chip Cottage Cheese Pancakes

My sister and I made these chocolate chip cottage cheese pancakes together on Saturday morning and we loved them! They came out so delicious and they’re high in protein! We ate them along side bacon and eggs with coffee and milk for the ultimate perfect Saturday morning breakfast. For the flour, we used Jovial Einkorn All Purpose Flour. This flour is imported from Italy. It has a very low gluten content, it’s not hybridized, it’s unbleached and unbromated. We love…

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Protein Isn’t Just For Bodybuilders

You may think of big male bodybuilders when you think about protein, but eating enough protein is important for women too (as is strength training!). Eating sufficient protein may be the missing link for you in your health/nutrition journey. For many years, when I was eating paleo, I didn’t even consider protein. I just ate whatever I wanted as long as it was considered paleo. After I developed chronic health issues, and I began working on healing my metabolism, I…

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Let’s Talk About Macronutrients

There’s so much debate about macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and how much of each we should be eating. Some swear by low-carb and ketogenic diets. Some say low-fat is the way to go. There are high-protein diets, high-carb diets, high-fat diets – so which one is correct? I’ll let you in on a little secret (okay it’s not really a secret), the answer is none of them. There are no perfect macronutrient ratios that are right for everyone. We…

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Hey you! My name is Jill and I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Since discovering paleo back in 2012, nutrition/wellness/fitness have become my passions. I used to be a cigarette smoker, fast food eater, and completely sedentary party girl. So, trust me, I've been there. I get it. I know change is hard. That's what I'm here for- to help you change your lifestyle & feel the best you possibly can!
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