Have you spent years fearing that if you ate butter you would get heart disease or gain weight? Well, guess what- it’s never actually been scientifically proven that saturated fat alone causes heart disease. In every study that was done, saturated fat was lumped together with trans fats (which do actually cause heart disease). This error in not separating saturated and trans fats has lead to one of the most dangerous diet trends: the low-fat/fat-free diet craze. The low-fat era may finally be coming to an end, thankfully. Butter coffee is all the rage now- and for good reason. It is delicious and it’s good for our health! See how I make mine at the end of this post!

Here is my quick overview of the health benefits of grass-fed butter:

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*Also, note: a good way to tell if you’re truly eating grass-fed butter is to notice the color of it. True grass-fed butter has a deep yellow color to it because of the chlorophyll from the grass*

Cows are not designed to eat grains- they are designed to eat grass. Nature is smart. Grass-fed butter is a delicious health food- straight from nature. Butter that comes from grain-fed cows is NOT the same! First of all, feeding them grains when they’re supposed to be eating grass sets them up for all sorts of health issues. On top of that, grain-fed cows come from factory-farms, where they are crowded and full of diseases. These cows are injected with hormones and given antibiotics to offset the health problems they have from eating the wrong diet and living in stressful confinement. These are not the same happy cows that graze on pasture, eating grass. This is why it is important to look for “grass-fed” or “pasture raised” on the label.


This is my version of Bulletproof Coffee:


2 cups Bulletproof® Coffee, brewed
2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen peptides
1 tbsp coconut oil
1-2 tsp grass-fed brown butter
1-3 tsp vanilla extract (not really sure- I just pour a lot in because I love vanilla)

Blend it all together in a blender and enjoy!




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