So I recently started working a new job – Operations Manager at LA Fitness. I try to bring my own lunch with me everyday, but with there being no way to heat my food, thinking of what to bring without getting sick of things has been a challenge. Admittedly, I definitely don’t end up bringing my lunch every single day, but I do my best to bring it most days. My gym is very close to the mall, so sometimes I’ll go to the food court and get some salmon, sweet potato, and kale when I’m in the mood for a hot lunch.

These are the 5 lunches that I alternate:

  1. Tuna Salad with plantain chips:

    I make my tuna with either Primal Kitchen or Sir Kensington’s mayo and eat it with plantain chips. (When buying plantain chips, I look for brands that the only ingredients are plaintains, palm oil, and sea salt). This is a super easy lunch that is quite filling for me as well.

  2. Salad with grilled chicken:

    Chopping up a bunch of ingredients to make a salad can make just the thought of making a salad daunting. I like to make it easy for myself to stay motivated to keep bringing my lunch, so I buy pre-chopped veggies, arugula, and lettuce and throw it all together with some grilled chicken that I marinate with Tessemae’s.

  3. Salad with salmon:

    Same idea as above but switch the chicken with canned wild salmon.

  4. Almond butter + jam on Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free bread:

    Most of the jams out there are full of sugar and other crap, but I’ve found one I love made only with fruit – St. Dalfour. Canyon Bakehouse is my favorite of all the gluten-free breads I’ve seen/tried. It has pretty clean ingredients and tastes great too.

  5. Turkey or roast beef sandwich on Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free bread:

    When buying cold cuts, I look for organic, preferably grass-fed/free range, with no preservatives. I like Nuna Naturals brand or Applegate organic.


What do you bring for lunch? Leave it in the comments!


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