Sautéed Lemon Garlic Spinach

Looking for a super easy side dish? Look no further than sautéed spinach! Busy nights call for easy recipes. When we’re short on time, it can be tempting to pick up dinner out somewhere, but there’s no need to sacrifice your health or your goals when you can whip up a healthy dinner in 30 minutes or less! This side dish would be delicious along with steak, fish, chicken, or your favorite protein and salad!

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Cinnamon Chocolate Cranberry Sauce

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here! I can’t wait 😀 I made a new twist on the traditional Thanksgiving side –> cranberry sauce. I added cinnamon and chocolate chips and served it hot. Normally on Thanksgiving, I have cold sliced jellied cranberry sauce, which I also love.

This dish can be eaten along with Thanksgiving dinner or served as a dessert.


What are you making for Thanksgiving? Tell me in the comments!


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Chive & Brown Butter Sweet Potato Fries

brown butter sweet potato friesbrown butter sweet potato fries 2


So, I’ve been using Tin Star Foods grass-fed ghee for a few months now and it has become my favorite cooking fat (as well as a delicious addition to my coconut oil coffee) and last week I finally decided to try the grass-fed brown butter and…

Oh. My. God.

It was heavenly. I am now obsessed. The first day I put it in my coffee and then used it in the pie crust for my Chocolate Pudding Pie. Then as I was preparing dinner the other day, I thought to myself that the brown butter would probably taste amazing on the sweet potato fries, so I tried it out and yup- they were the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever made! If you’ve got some brown butter on hand (or on the way/want to make your own), I highly suggest making these sweet potato fries. I bought pre-cut sweet potato fries from Iavarone, but you can cut your own if you’d prefer.


Easy- *****
Fast- ****
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Paleo Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken


Dairy-Free Fettuccine Alfredo



I haven’t ate fettuccine alfredo in years (since before going paleo in February 2012). Now that I’ve let myself indulge in the wonderfulness that is Cappello’s (, I’ve started eating some of my childhood favorites again. Cappello’s products are unbelievable. They’re gluten-free, grain-free and out-of-this-world delicious. I got their multipack that comes with fettuccine, lasagna sheets, & gnocchi. I also got their cookie dough (which is paleo & vegan-friendly). All of their products are truly outstanding. I do have to mention though, even though they are paleo-friendly, these should still be considered treats and not everyday staples in your diet. But hey, sometimes a person just needs some pasta in their life and this is a perfect way to do it without wrecking your gut with gluten! Don’t expect this paleo fettuccine alfredo sauce to taste exactly like the real thing (you will be disappointed) but it’s a great substitute for when those cravings come calling. You can cut the chicken into chunks and mix right in with the fettuccine (like I have in the recipe) or serve the fettuccine as a side dish for the chicken. I use Flavorgod Garlic Lover’s Seasoning on my chicken. If you would like yours to be the same -> Click Here to order Flavorgod Garlic Lover’s Seasoning or you could just simply make your own seasoning 🙂

And check out my Fettuccine with Cheesy Meat Sauce recipe by clicking here.


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Fast- ****
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Truffle Mashed Cauliflower

truffle mashed cauliflower

Truffles make everything better. Do yourself a favor, if you’re ever eating at Seasons 52, order the arugula truffle salad. You can thank me later. Truffle potatoes are another one of my favorites. While I do still eat potatoes, I love to make mashed cauliflower. It’s so delicious and lower in carbs. I make different variations of mashed cauliflower and usually just eyeball it and taste-test while I’m making it. I was asked about how I make my mashed cauliflower, so I measured it out to share with you all. I chose to share my truffle mashed cauliflower because I think it is the best, but sometimes I swap out the truffle salt and oil for Flavorgod Garlic Lover’s seasoning. You can add in whatever seasonings you like to change it up. This recipe is so easy, perfect for weeknight dinners. It pairs very well with grass-fed steak and veggies.

Easy- *****
Fast- *****
Spicy- noCopyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

The Ultimate Side Dish



I love potatoes. And brussels sprouts. I really love pretty much all foods. This side dish combines starch and veggies to make what I like to call The Ultimate Side Dish.  This will go with anything and is even better with chopped bacon mixed in. Use a food processor to do your chopping for you and save on time.

Easy- ****
Fast- ****
Spicy- no



3-4 red potatoes, chopped
1/2 large yellow onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 package shaved brussels sprouts
1 package mushrooms, chopped
4-5 cups kale, chopped
bacon fat, for sauteing
1/2 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper, to taste
4-5 pieces of bacon, cooked & chopped (optional)


1. Heat up a large skillet over medium/high heat.
2. Add in about a tbsp of bacon fat
3. Once the fat melts, add in your potatoes and onions and move around in pan to avoid burning
4. After about five minutes add in the garlic and continue to move around in pan
5. Once the potatoes and onions start getting soft add in the shaved brussels sprouts and some more bacon fat (if needed)
6. Mix everything together then add in the mushrooms
7. Cover pan if needed to help soften the potatoes
8. Add in the kale, paprika, garlic powder, and salt and pepper
9. Mix everything together
10. Turn heat down to low and cook to desired level of doneness.
11. If using the bacon add in and mix everything together.Copyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Roasted Chive & Onion Cauliflower


I truly love the flavor of the onion family. I recently bought dried chives and dried minced onions. I wanted to roast the cauliflower differently than I normally do, so I thought it would be perfect to use my new spices. This is very easy to make and a great versatile side dish. It tastes amazing and if you’re serving to non-paleo guests it would be great with some grass-fed cheese and bacon mixed in.


Easy- *****
Fast- ****
Spicy- no



1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets
1-2 tbsp Kasandrinos extra virgin olive oil
1-2 tsp chives
1 tsp minced onions
1/2 tsp garlic powder
salt & pepper, to taste


1. Pre-heat oven to 425
2. Put the cauliflower florets in a large mixing bowl
3. Pour the olive oil over the cauliflower
4. Add in all the spices
5. Mix together with your hands
6. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
7. Put cauliflower on baking sheet
8. Bake for 25-35 minutesCopyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Roasted Duck Fat Potatoes

duck fat potatoes

I used to always roast my potatoes with olive oil. I came across duck fat while food shopping one day & decided to try using it on my potatoes instead of olive oil. They came out fantastic and I never used olive oil again! Everyone I have made these for has become obsessed as well. This recipe is so easy and perfect for serving to non-paleo guests! Some argue that only sweet potatoes are allowed on paleo, but that is not my view. I consider red potatoes to be “real food” that are okay in moderation. I eat red potatoes at least once a week. I love me some starches. Make these potatoes, trust me you won’t regret it!



5-6 (depending on size) red potatoes, sliced thin
1-2 tbsp duck fat
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
2-3 tsp dried parsley
salt & pepper, to taste


1. Pre-heat oven to 425
2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
3. Put sliced potatoes in a large mixing bowl
4. Add in duck fat & spices
5. Mix together well using your hands
6. Put potatoes on parchment paper lined baking sheet
7. Bake for 20-30 minutesCopyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Shaved Brussels Sprouts


This is a great side dish to serve for Thanksgiving dinner! This dish goes very well with turkey & potatoes. The bacon fat gives it the perfect flavor. This is a comforting dish that is super delicious & healthy! Look for packs of shaved brussels sprouts; if you cannot find this you can chop up brussels sprouts in the food processor. This dish can be made in less than 20 minutes and is strict paleo as well. I am serving this on Thanksgiving to a group of non-paleo guests, who are sure to love it!



2 packs shaved brussels sprouts
3-4 tbsp bacon fat
4-6 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp dried minced onions
salt & pepper, to taste


1. Heat up bacon fat in skillet on medium-high heat
2. Add in shaved brussels sprouts, garlic, & onion
3. Mix everything together & continuously move around in pan so it doesn’t burn
4. Cook for about 10-13 minutes & serve!Copyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Review: Mini Sweet Potato Flatbreads

blog pic 38

This recipe is super simple to make. I used organic canned sweet potato puree to make it even easier and quicker. I mixed everything in the food processor so that it would be mixed really well and to make it easier. My sweet potato puree was a bit watery so I had to add in a few extra teaspoons of coconut flour. From start to finish it took me about 50 minutes for these. These were very good. I made mine along side beef and ate it together and it was great. These are strict paleo, but better for active people. I think non-paleo guests would enjoy these as well since sweet potato is liked by most people.


Easy- *****
Fast- **** (50 mins)
Spicy- no


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