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Stress Got You Down?

Do you live a stressful lifestyle? Are you always tired or constantly feel the need to drink coffee to get through the day? You may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, which is caused by the amount of stress in our lives exceeding our adrenal glands ability to balance the stress. Our modern lifestyles are full of constant stress, which is a lot of work for the adrenal glands. Stress is more than just emotional/mental- it is anything that is causing…

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Healthy Travel Tips – Vero Beach, Florida

  Last weekend I went to Vero Beach, Florida for a family reunion for my mom’s aunt’s 90th birthday. Normally when I go on vacation I overindulge in everything. I can be gluttonous. When I’m home it’s very easy for me to stay healthy, but traveling can be a huge stress for the body. When I’m out of my normal routine, and get into “vacation mode” I eat very poorly (and usually drink a bit more alcohol than I probably…

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Valentine’s Day Treats For Your Paleo Lover

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re starting to see boxes of chocolates and candy in stores all over. The upside of being single on Valentine’s Day is I don’t have to worry about someone buying me one of those crap filled “treats” while wishing they had gotten me paleo goodies. I don’t know about you, but I know I’d be ecstatic to receive some delicious paleo treats from my man on Valentine’s Day. So for those of you who…

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Paleo Tips for Beginners

Making any big change in your life can be overwhelming and seem scary. Change is an inevitable part of life. It’s better to embrace it than to try to hide from it. Technology, fashion, slang, and just about every part of life is constantly evolving and changing. It’s important that we learn to adapt to changes that are out of our control. But what about changes that we choose to make?¬†Since we are creatures of habit, lifestyle changes take some…

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Kombucha: The Healthy Alternative to Soda

Kombucha is all the rage right now. It’s popping up in stores all over and being praised by the real food community. So, what is kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented tea, loaded with probiotics. The process of making kombucha starts with tea, sugar, and a SCOBY (a colony of bacteria that are able to reproduce). The mixture is then kept in a dark place at room temperature and ferments for a couple weeks. After the first fermentation it is optional…

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Important Words on Food Labels

Reading and understanding food labels can be tricky. Food companies do this on purpose. They want you to be confused so you will buy their product thinking it is good for your health, even if it really isn’t. It is important to educate yourself on all the different words that can be found on food labels so you can make a proper informed decision while food shopping. Always read the label carefully and look out for hidden ingredients. This is…

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Paleo-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here and it’s time to start getting gifts for the people in your life. Need some help coming up with a great gift idea for the paleo foodie in your life? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of what I think are great, non-food and food, gift ideas for the paleo foodie¬†in your life.   Non-Food Gifts: 1. Yoga Mat – Yoga is great for your health,…

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Hey you! My name is Jill and I'm a Nutritional Therapy Consultant. Since discovering paleo back in 2012, nutrition/wellness/fitness have become my passions. I used to be a cigarette smoker, fast food eater, and completely sedentary party girl. So, trust me, I've been there. I get it. I know change is hard. That's what I'm here for- to help you change your lifestyle & feel the best you possibly can!
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