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“Earning Your Food” with Exercise

Watch: my thoughts on “earning your food” with exercise Wanna get in on the live conversation? Download the Periscope app and follow me @jillmacntc to be notified when I’m live! You can watch all my past scopes here. Have a question or thought to add? Leave it in the comments below!   See Also: Changing Your Mindset to Achieve Success Does Alcohol Have a Place in a Healthy Lifestyle? Health Goals? Here’s How to Achieve Them

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Changing Your Mindset to Achieve Success

This is a recording from a recent Periscope video that I did. If you want to get in on the live conversation in the future, download the app & follow me @jillmacntc Changing Your Mindset to Achieve Success Recap: Have guidelines rather than rules: This is real life. Set backs are normal and we’re not all the same. If the plan you’re on isn’t working, it’s okay to change things to fit your own body and lifestyle. If you want…

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How to Stick to a Healthy Eating Plan

This video is from a live Periscope that I did tonight. Download the app and follow me @jillmacntc to get in on the live conversation! Recap: What is your why? What is the reason that you want to follow this meal plan to begin with? Think about why you’re doing it. Focus on health, not weight loss Think about all that your body does for you constantly & give it the proper fuel/nutrition Lose the perfectionism mindset. If you eat something…

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My Thoughts on Paleo

I just did a scope about my thoughts on paleo. In the video I discuss: My eating/lifestyle habits before I found paleo How I learned about paleo My early paleo days and how I learned to cook Strict paleo & orthorexia My views on paleo treats “Cheat days” Finding balance and eating more real food & less treats Bio-individuality and doing what works for you Wanna get in on the live video? Download the Periscope app and follow me @jillmacntc…

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What We Eat Matters

So I did a Periscope video today called “What We Eat Matters: why you can’t out-supplement a poor diet,” but there was some technical issues. The video is in 3 parts below because my phone died twice during my scope and the beginning of the video didn’t get saved for some reason. So there’s that. You can watch my thoughts below:   Have a question? Leave it in the comments!

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PaleOMG Costa Rica Fitness Retreat

PaleOMG Costa Rica Fitness Retreat This past Sunday night I returned home from PaleOMG’s Costa Rica Fitness Retreat (hosted by Under30Experiences). It was 4 days of workouts on the beach, at the national park, at the gym, and at the hotel mixed in with beach and pool time, coffee, food, and some drinks – all with a group of 20 people that I’ve never met. And I traveled there alone – literally didn’t bring a friend or family member. People…

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How to Use Magnesium to Ease Menstrual Cramps

Magnesium for Menstrual Cramps I recently did a live Periscope video on how I ease my menstrual cramps using magnesium. Check it out below: Isn’t Periscope super cool?! Wanna get in on the live conversation?? Download the Periscope app and come follow me @jillmacntc Recap of what was discussed in the video: Track your period: I do this using an app on my smartphone called… Period Tracker! Supplementing with magnesium: Supplement with magnesium every night before bed, starting from the…

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health goals

Health Goals? Here’s How to Achieve Them

Do you make health goals each new year? Some people don’t like the idea of new years resolutions because “why wait for the new year to make changes? You can change at any time.” While I do agree with this, I also think the new year is a great time to make changes. The start of a new year brings a sense of renewal and a fresh start. We get to put the past behind us and choose to make the…

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Hey you! My name is Jill and I'm a Nutritional Therapy Consultant. Since discovering paleo back in 2012, nutrition/wellness/fitness have become my passions. I used to be a cigarette smoker, fast food eater, and completely sedentary party girl. So, trust me, I've been there. I get it. I know change is hard. That's what I'm here for- to help you change your lifestyle & feel the best you possibly can!
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