Stuffed Acorn Squash

I first tried Stuffed Acorn Squash a few years ago at Hu Kitchen in NYC, and recently decided to create my own spin on it because I find it to be a super delicious, healthy comfort food. Acorn squash is a good source of healthy carbs and contains an array of nutrients. I stuffed my acorn squash with grass fed ground beef (which is a great source of essential omega 3 fatty acids + protein), coconut milk (healthy fat), Kettle & Fire bone broth (gut healing, immune boosting, anti aging), and vegetables (fiber + nutrients) for a comforting, satisfying meal that nourishes the body and leaves you feeling great!


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Sautéed Lemon Garlic Spinach

Looking for a super easy side dish? Look no further than sautéed spinach! Busy nights call for easy recipes. When we’re short on time, it can be tempting to pick up dinner out somewhere, but there’s no need to sacrifice your health or your goals when you can whip up a healthy dinner in 30 minutes or less! This side dish would be delicious along with steak, fish, chicken, or your favorite protein and salad!

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Thanksgiving-Style Stuffed Potatoes

This Thanksgiving-inspired dinner is easy to make, so you can have your Thanksgiving favorites anytime you want. This is a healthy comfort food dish, perfect for cold weather nights. It incorporates turkey with a stuffing seasoning, brussels sprouts, and cranberry stuffed into a buttered russet potato!

Optional:  You may want to add grass-fed cheese to the potato (if you do dairy) or swap the russet potato for a sweet potato!


The bone broth I used is Epic Turkey Cranberry Sage Bone Broth 

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through those links, I will be compensated. Please know that I only recommend products that I personally use (or would use) and that I love. Purchases through these links helps to cover costs to keep this website running, so that I can keep delivering information to you all. Copyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Butternut Squash Noodles with Mushroom Meat Sauce

Meat sauce with noodles was always one of my favorite dinners growing up. Now, sometimes I’ll eat it with gluten-free rice noodles and other times I’ll use a veggie noodle, like in this recipe. You can use a spiralizer to turn any veggie into noodles! For this recipe I used butternut squash, but you can use zucchini or sweet potato if you’d prefer.

If you buy all pre-chopped vegetables like I did, this recipe is super quick & easy – it’s perfect for a week night dinner!


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Salmon Salad (Quick & Easy)

Salmon Salad (Quick & Easy)

salmon salad with dressing 2

I have to admit I’ve been slacking lately on eating my veggies. The other day my body was screaming to me that I needed to eat a salad. So I made a salmon salad the past for the past two days for lunch & I even had some green juice! It may have also had something to do with the fact that I just bought some Tessemae’s & Jacqueline and Jerome dressings that I was excited to try, but I really am trying to be more mindful about including more vegetables in my diet.

I bought all pre-cut veggies from Whole Foods, so I easily put this salad together in about 5 minutes. This is a super quick & easy lunch! Admittedly, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to preparing food, so the less effort, the better – and this is almost zero effort when you buy pre-cut veggies & pre-made dressing like I did!

If you can’t find a clean salad dressing near you and don’t want to order online, you can make this dressing easily by mixing:

1 part vinegar
2 parts extra virgin olive oil (I use Kasandrinos EVOO)
1.5 tbsp dijon mustard
salt & pepper, to tasteCopyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Broiled Chilean Sea Bass with Pesto Zucchini Noodles

broiled chilean sea bass 3

After indulging in lots of food for Thanksgiving (and having leftover pie for two days & grain-free pizza on Sunday), I wanted to reset this week and eat light meals. So I started my week with Broiled Chilean Sea Bass with Pesto Zucchini Noodles. Chilean sea bass is one of my favorite fish because it has a thicker texture and mild taste. I love love love pesto sauce and haven’t made it in a while so I thought what better way to make my veggies more crave-able than to make some zucchini noodles topped with pesto sauce! I actually used pre-spiralized zucchini noodles that I bought from Iavarone (2 packs).

If you can’t find pre-spiralized zucchini noodles, you can get a spiralizer and make them yourself! There are many varities of spiralizers ranging from low priced to high priced. This one is on the pricey end, but is easy to use and convenient and would make a great Christmas gift too! Here is one that is more budget-friendly. And this is the olive oil that I use.Copyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Buffalo Wings

buffalo wings

I’m a huge fan of buffalo wings- buffalo chicken has always been one of my favorite foods. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to make my own. Since going paleo, buffalo wings became a rare treat- but I will be making these a lot more often now! This recipe is SO easy- and for those of you who know me, you know I loveeee easy recipes! Easy + Delicious = you can’t go wrong! This would be perfect to serve to guests and doesn’t take much effort on your part.

The dairy-free ranch dipping sauce recipe I used came from the Fat Burning Chef Cookbook by Abel James. It’s hands-down the best dairy-free ranch I’ve ever tasted!

On a totally unrelated note- I’ve been painting my own nails for about a month (maybe a month and a half?) now to save money, and I must say I am getting pretty good at it. I really don’t think anyone can tell that I do them myself (unless you look close). I’m a huge fan of gel manicures- I was spending $28 plus tip biweekly to get them done, which I really couldn’t justify any longer. My ex was constantly telling me to stop wasting money on my nails and do them myself- I think he’d fall over and die of shock if he knew I’m actually doing that now LOL. But in all honesty, it was really Diane Sanfilippo (author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox) who made me realize it was time to start painting my own nails. I was listening to her Build a Badass Business podcast, and she talked about when she was building her business, she had to make sacrifices in order to get to the level of success she has now. She is a lover of gel manicures, like myself, and said that one of her sacrifices was her gel manicures- she would instead do her own nails. Isn’t it strange how we don’t listen to the people close to us, but will easily take the advice of strangers? I get annoyed when my friends and family don’t listen to me, and then come back and tell me they heard what I told them from someone else and now they believe it- but I am guilty of it too! Why do we do that?!


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Fast- ****
Spicy- ***Copyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Broiled Red Snapper

broiled red snapper 2


Simple dinners are the best! I love making fish since it’s so quick & super healthy. Red snapper is one of my favorite types of fish – I think it was actually the first fish I tried that I liked (before I started eating a paleo diet, I was petrified of fish and refused to try most types). This recipe is SO easy, you may cry from excitement (at least if you’re hardly ever in the mood to cook – like me). Sometimes I do like to make fancy, delicious meals, but I do need to mentally prepare beforehand. When I graduated from Adelphi in 2013, I had a backyard BBQ at my house and I cooked everything for the party. I made bacon meatballs (2-3 trays – I think it was 3), honey mustard dip, paleo almond crackers – from scratch, dairy-free bacon & chive cashew cheese, truffle asparagus, paleo chocolate cupcakes & paleo chocolate truffles, which took me about 9 hours to do. I was completely wiped out at the end, but I was excited to serve all home-cooked healthy food at my party. But on a regular busy day I’d rather make something effortless like this Broiled Red Snapper…

This is the brown butter that I use:

This fish would go great with shaved brussels sprouts and roasted duck fat potatoes!Copyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Grey Sole Almondine

grey sole almondine


This recipe is light & perfect for summer. I aim to eat fish at least twice a week. Grey sole is very thin and cooks really fast so it’s perfect for a quick & easy meal. I paired my fish with asparagus sauteed in olive oil and roasted red potatoes (potatoes not featured in the recipe). I use Kasandrinos EVOO. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but there’s been deception going on in the olive oil industry- much of the olive oil sold in supermarkets, when tested, turns out to be cut with cheaper oils such as canola. Kasandrinos is 100% pure extra virgin olive oil imported from Greece (and it’s certified paleo!) In order to get all the health benefits of olive oil, you’ve got to be eating 100% pure extra virgin olive oil extracted using traditional methods.Copyright 2016 Jill Mac Nutrition. Email:

Chive & Brown Butter Sweet Potato Fries

brown butter sweet potato friesbrown butter sweet potato fries 2


So, I’ve been using Tin Star Foods grass-fed ghee for a few months now and it has become my favorite cooking fat (as well as a delicious addition to my coconut oil coffee) and last week I finally decided to try the grass-fed brown butter and…

Oh. My. God.

It was heavenly. I am now obsessed. The first day I put it in my coffee and then used it in the pie crust for my Chocolate Pudding Pie. Then as I was preparing dinner the other day, I thought to myself that the brown butter would probably taste amazing on the sweet potato fries, so I tried it out and yup- they were the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever made! If you’ve got some brown butter on hand (or on the way/want to make your own), I highly suggest making these sweet potato fries. I bought pre-cut sweet potato fries from Iavarone, but you can cut your own if you’d prefer.


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