“Peanut Butter” Protein Shake (peanut-free)

  Do you suffer from peanut allergies? Let sunbutter come to your rescue! Sunbutter doesn’t taste exactly like peanut butter, but it’s a really great substitute. Peanut butter shakes are so creamy and delicious, which inspired me to make this one made with sunbutter. I have an obsession with the TV show Friends- like serious obsession. It’s my favorite show & my therapy when I’m feeling bad. You know like when you’re having one of those “isn’t that just kick you…

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Blueberry Explosion Protein Muffins (grain/nut-free)

I’ve been eating a lot of collagen lately. I mix it in my protein shakes, put it in my coffee, eat Bulletproof collagen protein bars, & now I’m making protein muffins with it! It definitely does have anti-aging benefits- my acne scars have been clearing up and I have younger looking skin. Collagen is also great for your joints & digestive system. The brand I use is Vital Proteins. To make the muffins grain-free and nut-free, I used Otto’s cassava…

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Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shakes

  Who loves ice cream?? Me! Me! Me! Okay, this isn’t really ice cream, but it sure does remind me of ice cream and I put it in an ice cream cup- so let’s just call this protein-packed ice cream. Cool? Cool. I did have to eat this with a spoon rather than drink it with the straw. It’s the perfect cold, creamy treat after a tough workout in the heat of summer. I’m really getting into the protein shakes-…

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Buffalo Wings

I’m a huge fan of buffalo wings- buffalo chicken has always been one of my favorite foods. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to make my own. Since going paleo, buffalo wings became a rare treat- but I will be making these a lot more often now! This recipe is SO easy- and for those of you who know me, you know I loveeee easy recipes! Easy + Delicious = you can’t go wrong! This would be…

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Are artificial sweeteners really better than sugar?

Everyone knows that soda is bad for our health, but choosing healthy beverages can be a confusing job. I used to be a diet beverage addict. I loved my Diet Dr. Pepper, any diet sodas really, diet iced teas, pretty much any “diet” drink would be my go-to. I never, ever drank water. I lived on these diet drinks, coffee, and energy drinks (the zero calorie ones- aka “diet”). When I look back now I wonder how I was even…

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Skim Milk vs Whole Milk: why whole milk is the better choice

If you want to stay slim and healthy you’re supposed to follow a low-fat diet and choose skim milk over whole milk- right? Wrong! Dairy can be a confusing topic when it comes to health- some say it’s the devil, while others say it’s necessary as long as it’s low-fat or fat-free. Dairy can be a wonderful health food if you eat the right type. Homogenization Pretty much all the milk you find in supermarkets today is homogenized. Homogenization involves…

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Broiled Red Snapper

  Simple dinners are the best! I love making fish since it’s so quick & super healthy. Red snapper is one of my favorite types of fish- I think it was actually the first fish I tried that I liked (before I started eating a paleo diet, I was petrified of fish and refused to try most types). This recipe is SO easy, you may cry from excitement (at least if you’re hardly ever in the mood to cook- like…

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The Problem with Grains (& how to properly consume them)

Many people ask me why I don’t eat grains, or how come grains aren’t allowed on a strict paleo diet. Whole grains are heavily promoted as a health food by our government and the food industry. Grains can be part of a healthy, nutrient-dense diet- as long as they are properly prepared. Processed grains, such as cereal, are not doing you any favors. And while grains can be healthy, there are some people who are better off avoiding them altogether.…

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Toasted Almond Protein Shake

This is the greatest tasting protein shake I have ever made- hands down. I want to drink it all time, but of course I hold myself back to post-workout only 😉 This will bring you back to your childhood days of eating Toasted Almond ice cream pops – without all the junk. Now here’s a motivator to workout hard! You go through all the torture of the workout, get your endorphins, and then get a delicious treat… ahhh perfection! Try…

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Stop Fearing Cholesterol!

Have you been avoiding egg yolks, butter, & red meat like the plague? It’s been drilled into our heads for decades now that saturated fat & dietary cholesterol cause heart disease and that we should all be on low-fat diets. Not only is this not true, it’s dangerous advice. Fats and cholesterol are vital to our health. In fact, our bodies make their own cholesterol if we don’t consume enough in our diet because that’s how important it is. And,…

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