PaleOMG Costa Rica Fitness Retreat

PaleOMG Costa Rica Fitness Retreat This past Sunday night I returned home from PaleOMG’s Costa Rica Fitness Retreat (hosted by Under30Experiences). It was 4 days of workouts on the beach, at the national park, at the gym, and at the hotel mixed in with beach and pool time, coffee, food, and some drinks – all with a group of 20 people that I’ve never met. And I traveled there alone – literally didn’t bring a friend or family member. People…

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How to Use Magnesium to Ease Menstrual Cramps

Magnesium for Menstrual Cramps I recently did a live Periscope video on how I ease my menstrual cramps using magnesium. Check it out below: Isn’t Periscope super cool?! Wanna get in on the live conversation?? Download the Periscope app and come follow me @jillmacntc Recap of what was discussed in the video: Track your period: I do this using an app on my smartphone called… Period Tracker! Supplementing with magnesium: Supplement with magnesium every night before bed, starting from the…

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health goals

Health Goals? Here’s How to Achieve Them

Do you make health goals each new year? Some people don’t like the idea of new years resolutions because “why wait for the new year to make changes? You can change at any time.” While I do agree with this, I also think the new year is a great time to make changes. The start of a new year brings a sense of renewal and a fresh start. We get to put the past behind us and choose to make the…

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My Favorite Uses For Coconut Oil

Uses For Coconut Oil Coconut oil has blown up in popularity lately – as a superfood – and as a super versatile, use-it-for-everything miracle oil. I’m sure you’ve seen this meme before: While I probably wouldn’t call it a “miracle oil” (I mean it’s not like it’s going to bring the perfect man to your doorstep or anything), coconut oil is extremely versatile. I buy it in 2 packs of big jars from Amazon to save money.   These are…

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Gingerbread Coffee

Gingerbread Coffee (Serves 2) One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the seasonal coffee flavors. Back in the day I lived for going to Starbucks and getting either a Gingerbread Latte or an Eggnog Latte (never a Peppermint Mocha because I despise mint chocolate). Now that I’m more conscious about what I put into my body, I make my own versions of these delicious coffee treats! Gingerbread Latte’s were my usual go-to, and this year I finally…

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Salmon Salad (Quick & Easy)

Salmon Salad (Quick & Easy) I have to admit I’ve been slacking lately on eating my veggies. The other day my body was screaming to me that I needed to eat a salad. So I made a salmon salad the past for the past two days for lunch & I even had some green juice! It may have also had something to do with the fact that I just bought some Tessemae’s & Jacqueline and Jerome dressings that I was excited to…

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Holiday Gift Ideas – 2015 Edition

It’s that time of year again! I did a post last year, called Paleo-Friendly Gift Ideas For The Holidays, and figured I’d do a new one every year. Need some holiday gift ideas for the health-conscious people in your life? I’ve got you covered. Garmin vivofit 2: This is a great gift for anyone who is trying to move more. It alerts you if you’ve been inactive for an hour and flashes to alert you to get up and take a…

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Broiled Chilean Sea Bass with Pesto Zucchini Noodles

After indulging in lots of food for Thanksgiving (and having leftover pie for two days & grain-free pizza on Sunday), I wanted to reset this week and eat light meals. So I started my week with Broiled Chilean Sea Bass with Pesto Zucchini Noodles. Chilean sea bass is one of my favorite fish because it has a thicker texture and mild taste. I love love love pesto sauce and haven’t made it in a while so I thought what better…

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Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are such a wonderful time of the year. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Giving & receiving gifts, holiday parties, spending time with friends & family, and of course when I was a kid, believing in Santa made Christmas the most fun & exciting holiday there was. As great as it is, the season of gift-giving can be super stressful and have a negative impact on health. Many of us put exercise on the back burner, stress…

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Toasted Almond “Iced Coffee”

Dandy Blend is an instant “coffee alternative” made from dandelions. It tastes similar to coffee, but it’s caffeine-free. Dandelions are great for the liver and detoxifying the body. I like to drink Dandy Blend when I’m craving coffee later in the day. I normally only drink two cups of coffee in the morning, so I’ll have this toasted almond flavored drink at night for a treat. It’s also a great alternative to people who love coffee but can’t drink it.…

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